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Horizonville Featured in this week’s newsletter, Horizonville by Swiss photographer Yann Gross explores the notions of myth and identity within a culture that is attempting to reinvent itself. The title refers to the idea that the horizon is not something that is physically within reach, a metaphorical reference to the ideals that the cast of characters in Gross’ tale strive for. Gross began his project with a road trip through the Rhône Valley located in the Swiss Alps. Tediously navigating by use of a moped, he found within the Valley a subculture of middle class Swiss residents living out the American dream. Western imagery, motor sports and even Southern pride are present in the pages of Horizonville. While many of the residents in the artists’ story have never set foot in America, there is a clear determination to distinguish themselves from the posh lifestyle of the tourist towns and ski resorts located only slightly higher in elevation. What is brought forth in this dream-like story are a series of intriguing and peculiar images. Bikers adorned in American Flags, Native American tattoos and mullets exist in a fantasy world surrounded by one of Europe’s most traveled hot spots. And while the photographs themselves lend a humorous tone, Gross has clearly left his prejudices behind and given this cast of characters his utmost respect. Copies of this curious new monograph are now in stock and available for order.

Presences Presences by English photographer Richard Learoyd is the exhibition monograph of the show currently on display at and published by Fraenkel Gallery in San Francisco. The photographs — while sometimes consisting of objects — are usually portraits of women taken with a giant camera constructed with the use of two separate rooms. The photographic paper is exposed as a direct-positive without a negative giving a uniquely arresting quality and almost unnerving impression to the photographer’s imagery. Learoyd’s use of a consistent color palette and motif also heighten this sense of unsettling intimacy. The effect of the camera obscura further allows for sharp and minute details to be presented vividly in this oversized book. Copies of this beautiful monograph are arriving soon and available for preorder.

Also of note, two new books from independent French publisher Poursuite Editions. First, Laurent Chardon’s Tangente is a meandering isolated journey through Mongolia’s capitol Ulan Bator, showing the city’s oppressive atmosphere through the use of soft cityscapes and lone portraits. These black and white photographs present a foreboding ambience heavy with a foggy haze and apparent frigid weather. This series of images is a hauntingly engaging exploration executed by an earnest artist.

Second, Grégory Valton’s Dans La Neige deals with the heavy subject of death, focusing specifically on the suicide of the photographer’s mother. The images presented are impressions of memory, loss and a sense of reconciliation, all taken in the mother’s native village in the Pyrenees mountains of southwestern Europe. Beautifully printed, the photographs replicate wandering in a contemplative daze through village streets, mountain landscapes and a few intimate interiors. This series is a portrait of absence, the photographer’s aim being the representation of death and past memories. Copies of both Tangente and Dans La Neige are arriving soon and available for preorder.

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