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1h Featured in this week’s newsletter, 1h by photographer Hans-Christian Schink and published by Hatje Cantz is a uniquely contemporary monograph displaying the photographer's original vision employing the effect "real solarization." This photochemical process — first noted by legendary photographer William Henry Jackson — happens when negative film becomes exposed for an extended period of time, causing the darkest points in the negative to become light again. The result is visually stunning; allowing the long exposures to capture what appears to be a black sun moving dramatically across the sky. Regardless of the surreal effect solarization has on the film, the landscapes depicted imitate an aesthetic vision reminiscent of the early pioneer photographers of the 19th century. Copies of this exceptional monograph are now in stock and available for order.

The Prototype Work Also recently published by Hatje Cantz, photographs by German born photographer Fred Herzog. Herzog immigrated to Vancouver, Canada in 1952 finding work as a medical photographer. He also devoted much of his spare time concentrating on what has become a prolific career as a color street photographer. Herzog's early color photographs were made during a time before of William Eggleston or Stephen Shore, and show incredible maturity in both photographic aesthetic and technique. The photographer's images depict a unique time in the city's post-war culture. Neon signs, fashionable clothes and the brightly colored beacons of Western consumerism mix together to give an in-depth portrayal of the metropolis. The photographs in this book were created far ahead of their time and shed light on a photographer who has been working largely in obscurity. Copies of this unique monograph are now in stock and available for order.

1h Folk Photography by Luc Sante is a prolific collection of 122 real-photo postcards taken during the early part of the 20th century. The term "real-photo postcards" refers to the millions of handmade postcards constructed in the darkrooms of both amateur and professional photographers in many small American towns. The postcards in this collection are edited in a way that shows a revealing self-portrait of a nation, depicting a mix of intriguing rural scenes that successfully coexist alongside urban photographs of a changing America.

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Hans-Christian Schink
Fred Herzog
Fred Herzog
Luc Sante
Folk Photography
Katherine Ware
Earth Now
Josef Sudek
Mionsi Forest
Alex Webb
The Suffering of Light
Sanna Kannisto
Yuko Masuda
Vertical Direction - SIGNED
Celine Van Balen
Celine Van Balen
Lee Friedlander
Cherry Blossom Time in Japan
Marie Sommer
Camille Seaman
The Last Iceberg - SIGNED

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