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Publish Your Photography Book Featured in this week’s newsletter, the long-awaited Publish Your Photography Book by Darius D. Himes and Mary Virginia Swanson. In an age where photography has been embraced by the contemporary art world and self-published photobooks have drastically changed the landscape of the photobook industry, this timely resource offers a direct insight for photographers interested in photobook publishing. Beautifully designed, Publish Your Photography Book is assembled into six sections. The first section, “The Photography Book Phenomenon,” invites the reader into the history of photography book publishing. The second section, “The Nuts and Bolts of Publishing,” provides an overview of the publishing industry, offering insights into publishing options and how publishers think regarding taking on photobook projects. The third and fourth sections, “The Making of Your Book” and "The Marketing of Your Book,” give a detailed explanation for the process of constructing different kinds of books and then getting the word out about them. The fifth section, “Case Studies,” offers comprehensive accounts and advice from a number of published photographers, including Alec Soth, David Maisel and Paula McCartney. The last section, “Resources, Appendices, and Worksheets,” contains an abundance of resource information to help and encourage the reader in not only understanding the publishing industry, but in preparing their work for publication. This comprehensive guide to the publishing industry is filled with interviews and advice from many of the industry's leading professionals.

photo-eye Bookstore will be hosting an official launch party for Publish Your Photography Book on Saturday, April 9th from 5:30-7:00pm, which will include a talk and booksigning with both authors. To read more about the book and Saturday’s event, read our post on photo-eye Blog. Signed copies of this insightful new book are now available for preorder.

Color of Hay The Color of Hay with photographs by Kathleen L. McLaughlin and text by H. Woods McLaughlin documents the authors’ four-year stay in the Maramures Valleys of northern Transylvania. The images in this monograph are simply stunning, navigating through the different aspects of village life that exists in a culture caught between the Old World and rapidly approaching modernization. The Color of Hay is organized into several sections distinguishing the change of seasons and the unequivocal ceremonies of life. The narrative these sections weave is both insightful and involves the reader to fully comprehend the full scope of this well-edited book. Signed copies of this thoughtful monograph are in stock and available for order.

Also of note, four new titles by Peperoni Books. First, Die Deutschen Vietnamesen by Stefan Canham and Nguyen Phuong-Dan is a detailed documentation on the different waves of migration and re-migration of Vietnamese immigrants relocating to Germany, and eventually moving back to Vietnam. Second, Real Fake Art by Michael Wolf is a clever portrayal of Chinese copy-artists that make a living hand-painting famous works of art to sell at an affordable price. The images bring forth a number of ethical questions, as well as questions regarding mass production in the art market. Lastly, two new volumes by artist Andreas Trogisch, Technik and Mercedes. These new volumes are the third and fourth to be published in a series of six, displaying the mysterious and fascinating world that Trogisch has created through the use of formal design and underlying dark subject matter. Copies of all four Peperoni Books publications will be arriving soon and are now available for preorder.

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Darius D. Himes & Mary Virginia Swanson
Publish Your Photography Book - SIGNED
Kathleen Laraia McLaughlin
The Color of Hay - SIGNED
Elad Lassry
Elad Lassry
Harmony Korine
The Trash Humpers
Takashi Homma
New Documentary
Walter Niedermayr
Pieter Hugo
Permanent Error
Fazal Sheikh
Stef Canhamguyen Phuong-Dan
Die Deutschen Vietnamesen
Michael Wolf
Real Fake Art
Andreas Trogisch
Andreas Trogisch

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