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Pangnirtung Featured in this week’s newsletter, Pangnirtung is a quiet and thoughtful new monograph by legendary photographer Robert Frank. Published by Steidl, the photographs in this book explore the village of the same name located in the Arctic Circle and home to roughly 1,300 Inuit inhabitants. Taken in 1992 while Frank was on a five-day sojourn at a friend’s home, these images are devoid of people, concentrating on the village harbour, man-altered landscapes and a series of fabricated homes. The focus is often soft and the images are uniquely printed, allowing the viewer to engage in the mindful primitive wandering that has become a staple of Frank’s photography. Well-edited, Pangnirtung tells a faint yet immersing narrative, giving way to a dialogue about a specific place that is both mysterious and sincere. Copies of this elegant monograph are now in stock and available for order.

At Home At Home by the late Bruce Wrighton brings to fruition the photographer’s examination of his local stomping grounds of Binghamton, New York, and a few surrounding cities. The images — taken during the 1980s with an 8x10 view camera — portray the city streets, its interior spaces and, most notably, the people, in a series of brilliantly beautiful portraits that wrap this work together. The vivid color and sharp details capture not only a rare moment in time within the context of a particular place, but also the social and economic state of this area of the United States. A recurring theme of religious and corporate icons, old diners and storefronts engage the viewer to consider the ideals and influences of yesterday, contiguous with the values and economic realities of today. Wrighton’s portraits are what lie at the heart of this series. Admirable for their honesty, these personal depictions are deeply thought-provoking. Limited to an edition of 500 copies, this exceptional monograph is now in stock and available for order.

Also of note, three new titles by Japanese publisher Tosei-sha. First, Kitai Kazuo’s Spanish Night is a series of photographs taken while the photographer traveled to Spain in the Fall of 1977. Little effort has been made to hide the effect time has had on the film, adding an intriguing look to a portfolio of beautifully designed and edited street scenes. Second, The Moon, Following Me, is the debut book by photographer Emi Fukuyama. This young photographer often uses obscured focus and thematic metaphors to portray her ideas and vision within this arrangement of images. Lastly, Vertical Direction by Yuko Masuda exhibits the photographer's desire to wander rural Japan and take everyday snapshots. The simplicity of Masuda’s work is refreshing and combined with Tosei-sha's elegant printing brings together a substantial portfolio. All three Tosei-sha titles are arriving soon and are available for preorder.

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Robert Frank
Bruce Wrighton
At Home
Katy Grannan
Robert Flynt
Blind Trust - SIGNED
Takashi Homma
New Documentary
Fred Herzog
Fred Herzog
Ralph Eugene Meatyard
Dolls and Masks
Visionaire No. 59: Fairytale
Kazuo Kitai
Spanish Night - SIGNED
Emi Fukuyama
The Moon, Following Me - SIGNED
Yuko Masuda
Vertical Direction - SIGNED
Toshio Yoshida
Tsuruga Ikenokouchi

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