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Natural Habitats Featured in this week’s newsletter, Natural Habitats by Italian photographer Massimo Vitali is a visually enriching journey through congested and well-traveled global tourist spots. It is a journey that at its very core offers an anthropological study of human nature’s social conventions. Natural and urban settings become temporary playgrounds for thousands of people, immersing the viewer with a dense portrayal of captivating everyday moments. Viewing the images in this over-sized monograph is an act of obsessive commitment yielding rich rewards, with each individual photograph presenting dozens if not hundreds of deeply involved human interactions. Crowded beaches or sold-out concerts appear as real-life dioramas. The photographs are simply brilliant, offering both aesthetically interesting images alongside a conceptually relevant backdrop. Copies of this engaging monograph are now in stock and available for order.

LA DAY LA NIGHT LA Day/LA Night by prolific aerial photographer Michael Light is the latest edition to be published by Radius Books. Essentially two books in one and bound with an innovative “Z” binding, this over-sized monograph is brilliant in design. Both LA Day and LA Night are presented as two separate volumes — one volume dedicated to Los Angeles’s massive expanse during the daylight hours, while the other volume slowly reveals the foreboding beauty of LA at night. The full bleed pages and seamless gutter successfully present the artist’s ambitious intent — to uncover the American West both literally and metaphorically — "revealing what we do as a people and the enduring geological realities of where we do it." Signed copies of this elegant monograph are arriving soon and available for preorder.

Also of note, three new publications by Japanese publisher Super Labo. First, Martin Parr’s Japan offers the unique photographic style and viewpoint we have come to expect from this seminal photographer. The photographs focus heavily on the humorous aspects of consumerism and the embracement of American values. Second, Eden by photographer Peter Bialobrzeski is a surreal exploration of the metaphorical idea of Eden. Taken in a part of Africa geographically referred to as the “Cradle of Humankind,” these photographs teeter between the imaginative idea as well as the more realistic possibility of Eden. Third, Dennis McGrath’s Theatrical Properties — a book dedicated to the comical commonalities in the pornography industry — showcases the everyday occurrences and props of an industry that is far beyond commonplace for most. Copies of all three Super Labo titles are now in stock and available for order.

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Massimo Vitali
Natural Habitats
Martin Parr
Dennis McGrath
Theatrical Properties
Andreas Muller-Pohle
European Photography No. 88
Lewis Chaplin
You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) - SIGNED
AndrÉ Thijssen
Fringe Phenomena 2
Peter Bialobrzeski
Carl De Keyzer
Congo Belge En Images
Katy Grannan
Michael Light
LA Day, LA Night - SIGNED
David J. Carol
This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
Colleen Plumb
Animals Are Outside Today - SIGNED and Limited Edition

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