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Guantanamo Featured in this week’s newsletter, Guantanamo: If the Light Goes Out by Edmund Clark is a visually captivating journey through the American detention camp at Guantanamo Bay. The photographs are simply stunning, navigating between what Clark refers to as “three notions of home” — the naval base at Guantanamo, the detainee camps and the homes where former detainees now reside. Through his disjointed narrative, Clark jumps from one notion of home to the next — conveying a sense of disorientation and dislocation — allowing the viewer to grasp the disturbing experience left in the memories of many who have encountered this place first hand. Guantanamo also includes a number of approved and scanned letters to Omar Deghayes, a former detainee and essayist in Clark’s monograph. These letters serve as powerful objects, and add an additional level of intimacy to the viewer’s experience. Copies of this exceptional monograph are now in stock and available for order.

Less Vegas Arriving soon, copies of Italian photographer Mauro D’Agati’s first American photo project Less Vegas. Published by Ahrens Editions, Less Vegas explores the lives of twelve Las Vegas residents who D’Agati casts in an oblique narration of the Sin City. Through the guidance of these twelve “characters” the photographer captures a quirky and humorous series of images representing a vividly detailed view of the Las Vegas experience. And while an odd light is often cast on the imagery presented, the photographs are remarkably beautiful — capturing a unique narrative only possible with the help of those who have been long-term residents. Detailed postscripts of the residents’ personal stories are included in the back of this monograph — giving a further insight into the photographer’s intended anecdote. Copies of this playful monograph are arriving soon and available for preorder.

In Almost Every Picture # 9 by Erik Kessels is the latest edition in the long-running series of found photography. This new volume titled Dog explores one family's attempt to capture on film one of photography's most mysterious entities — the black dog. Almost always improperly exposed, these images display an admirable attempt on the part of the loving owners and their affection for a pet they were never quite able to document. Amusing in concept, the story is also touching and the photographs are often more beautiful than those shot with a digital camera and perfect light meter reading.

Closest I Have Ever Been to Paradise by Alberto Garcia-Alix is a collection of photographs documenting the artist’s journey through the Balearic Islands. Taken over his thirty-six years of frequenting the islands, the photographs in this monograph include portraits of friends and lovers, Garcia-Alix’s relationship with motorcycle culture and stunning images of the islands’ natural surroundings. The book is a life’s journey in self-exploration — giving way to a romanticized venture into the ideals of freedom and escape. Copies of both In Almost Every Picture # 9 and Closest I have Ever Been to Paradise are now in stock and available for order.

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Edmund Clark
Erik Kessels
In Almost Every Picture 9 (Black Dog)
Alberto Garcia-Alix
Closest I Have Ever Been to Paradise
Pierre Molinier
Pierre Molinier
Uta Eisenreich
A Not B
Monika Merva
The City of Children - SIGNED
Jan Adriaans
Jean-Luc Mylayne
Into the Hands of Time
Cristina GarcÍa Rodero
Harold Edgerton
The Anatomy of Movement
Mauro D’agati
Less Vegas

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