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Fish Work Featured in this week’s newsletter, several new publications by Nazraeli Press. First, Fish-Work: The Bering Sea by photographer and fisherman Corey Arnold. Arnold’s photographs depict a true adventure - the life of commercial fishermen bearing the harshest conditions on the unpredictable seas. These photographs were taken over an 8-year period while Arnold was a crewman aboard two boats, the Rollo and the Two Bears. Throughout his time working he would bargain time off of his duties to photograph not only the reality of a fisherman’s work, but also the rare glimpses of beauty a life on the ocean can offer. Arnold’s photographs are stunningly beautiful – the reality is shocking, but the artist also offers his own sense of humor and wit that is apparent throughout this monograph. Signed copies of this stunning monograph are now in stock and available for order.

Pulp Art Book The second featured publication by Nazraeli Press, Pulp Art Book: Volume One is a collaboration between supermodel Joni Harbeck and photographer Neil Krug. The images presented were taken with expired Polaroid film and are cinematic in theme – relying heavily on the stylistic culture of the 1960’s and 70’s. Harbeck plays the heroine in a series of fabricated scenarios that teeter between a spaghetti western and psychedelic cult film. Inspired by the collaborators' collective appreciation for old LP covers, vintage book covers and B-movie cinema themes, Pulp Art Book is an engaging journey into the bizarre drama that has unfolded between these two talented artists. Copies of this highly acclaimed monograph are now in stock and available for order.

Also in stock this week from Portland's great Nazraeli Press, four new titles in the seminal One Picture Book series. Launched a decade ago with a small book by Terri Weifenbach, the One Picture Books have since become a small bookcase worth of exquisite wonder for the savvy connoisseur. Each is published with a signed, original print attached, accompanied by a small signature of printed pages built around this singular image. Over the last decade the photographic image has seen its propagation rise to heights never before seen, with digital technology paving the way. With the mass production of images coupled with instant access to billions of photographs through the Internet, it sometimes seems as if the significance and dignity of the individual image has been overwhelmed by the numbers. Thank goodness for the One Picture Books! Never before have single frames been so rightly examined, contextualized, mused over and lovingly presented as here, and the four new titles are certainly no exception!

First up is One Picture Book #65: For Constance by Pine and Woods, the California photo-based artists famous for their ambitious projects in American vernacular typology, exploring the grammar of mid-20th century snapshots through juxtaposition, masterful editing and sequential presentation. Second is One Picture Book #66: Love Point, by photo-eye Gallery artist Hiroshi Watanabe, presenting a riveting collaboration between Watanabe and the novelist Richard Curtis Hauschild. Third, from Terri Weifenbach, the photographer who began the OPB series, is One Picture Book #67: Some Insects, presenting five spreads, each with a full image on one page, and a selected detail enlarged on the other. Finally, One Picture Book #68: Cy's Rollei, presenting photographs by Sally Mann, Rob McDonald and Even Rogers, all shot on a single roll when a famous painter (we can only assume this to mean the great Cy Twombly) bought an old Rolleiflex and engaged the services of the three photographers to ensure it was in full working order — original print by Rob McDonald. Copies of all four of these wonderful publications are now in stock and available for order, limited quantities are available.

Also of note on the photo-eye Blog, a closer look at Nerves with photographs by Laëtitia Donval. Read Antone Dolezal’s full post here.

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Terri Weifenbach
One Picture Book #67: Some Insects
Sally Mann, Rob McDonald and Even Rogers
One Picture Book #68: Cy's Rollei
Hiroshi Watanabe
One Picture Book #66: Love Point
Pine & Woods
One Picture Book #65: For Constance
Corey Arnold
Fish-Work - SIGNED
Maxwell Anderson
Ten Days in July - SIGNED
Bjorn Abelin
Escapes - SALE
Claus Sterneck
In Iceland: Pictures and their sounds
LaËtitia Donval
Nerves - SIGNED
Daniel Milnor
On Approach - SIGNED
Joni Harbeck And Neil Krug
Pulp Art Book
Lee Friedlander
Recent Western Landscape 2008–09

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