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Supernatural Featured this week, two extraordinary books by photographer Katja Stuke. The first, Supernatural, published by Bohm/Kobayashi Publishing Project, presents Stuke's photographs of Olympic athletes frozen at the height of their concentration, the very peak of the moment when, in spite of the millions of viewers and the screaming crowds, they are utterly alone, single minded — the moment one exists in isolation. Presenting images of athletes from the Olympic Games in Sydney (2000), Athens (2004) and Beijing (2008), many of which were captured directly from a television screen. Selected as one of the Best Books of 2010 by Bruno Ceschel, copies of Supernatural are in stock and available to order.

Konnte Sein Second, Könnte Sein, published by Kodoji Press. Könnte Sein presents stills from video shot by Stuke of people on the street, frozen in private moment — her subjects are, like the athletes in Supernatural, shown in a moment of inward-facing stillness while surrounded by the public throng. However, while the athletes are caught in the moment before a familiar act, the anonymous masses of Könnte Sein retain their mystery, what they do before or after this moment is unknowable, yet we are constantly referred to this greater continuity by their very existence as stills from a video. In Könnte Sein, Stuke presents her stills alongside others taken from films & video games. Copies of this extraordinary monograph will be arriving in 2-3 weeks, we are now accepting preorders. Also featured this week, One Day published by Kehrer Verlag showcases ten seminal photographers all of whom were commissioned to create a photobook on the same day of June 21st, 2010. The photographers included are Alec Soth, Martin Parr, Eva Maria Ocherbauer, Rinko Kawauchi, Rob Hornstra, John Gossage, Todd Hido, Harvey Benge, Gerry Badger and Jessica Bauckhaus. Each photographer brings his or her own unique vision to tell a story of their day long adventure. One Day makes for an interesting comparison to each photographer’s take on navigating in the world; the differences in each artist’s approach to the project is stunning. In one volume the viewer is allowed into the causal daily rituals of Martin Parr’s life while in Todd Hido’s volume there is a serious engagement into an already well developed photographic project. One Day is a brilliant look at the sometimes strange and sometimes ordinary view from the unique perspective of ten seminal photographers. Copies are now in stock and available to order.

Arriving soon to our warehouse, Images of the Seventh Day by prolific photographer Michael Kenna. Kenna has been photographing extensively around the world since the early 1970’s and his new book published by Skira, showcases a wide range of his seminal images from the beginnings of his career to his current imagery of Venice and even his studies of Nazi concentration camps. Kenna, known for his long exposures and exquisite landscapes once again brings his unique aesthetic and acute vision with this new publication. Copies are arriving soon, we are now accepting preorders.

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Harvey Benge
One Day
Katja Stuke
Cottage Scholar
Cottage Scholar Issue 2
Parisa Damandan
The Children of Esfahan. Polish Refugees in Iran: Abolqasem Jala.
Katja Stuke
Könnte Sein
Michael Kenna
Images of the Seventh Day
Marie Sommer
David Campany
Nicolas Comment
La Visite
Baptiste Lignel
Ce Qui Demeure, Vol. 1
Douglas Holleley
Studying Photography
Eloi Gimeno
Hellsinki - SIGNED

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