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Recent Western Landscape Arriving soon to our warehouse, copies of Recent Western Landscape 2008-09 by legendary photographer Lee Friedlander. Friedlander’s new monograph published by the Mary Boone Gallery showcases the artist’s unique take on the contemporary landscape. Many of these images taken throughout California, New Mexico and other western states leaves no doubt that Friedlander is a true wanderer – hacking away through the landscape’s endless abundance of brush, cacti and thicket. Many of the photographs are filled with the rough terrain of the land with the occasional glimpse of a mountainous horizon in the distance. Recent Western Landscape elevates Friedlander’s importance in regards to shaping the photographic landscape and pushes the viewer’s notion of what is considered contemporary landscape photography. Copies arriving soon, now available for preorder.

The City of Children Also arriving soon from Kehrer Verlag, copies of The City of Children by Monika Merva. Merva, a first generation American of Hungarian descent has spent almost a decade visiting and photographing the children of Gyermekközpont in Hungary for this, her first monograph. Her photographs of the children are vivid and personal, the pacing of the rich, color images has a comfortably varied formal character. Though the cultural divide between the democratic West and former Soviet bloc countries seems almost unbreachable at times, Merva's images do so slowly — without obscuring their cultural specificity, they form a potent bridge between the viewer and subject. Though The City of Children will not be widely available until this Spring, a limited quantity of pre-release signed copies of this stunning debut are arriving soon, now available for preorder.

Arriving soon from Errata Editions, four new titles from their exceptional Books on Books series, making rare, seminal photography books from the past available through page-by-page representations of the original editions. Books on Books #9: Beyond Caring by Paul Graham, brings us Graham's seminal 1986 publication of images taken in the overcrowded waiting rooms of social service offices throughout the United Kingdom. Books on Books #10: Alphabet of Spiritual Emptiness by Zdenek Tmej, an extraordinary 1946 publication of portraits taken of prisoners at the Nazi forced labor camp in Breslau, Poland during the Second World War. Tmej, a Czech prisoner at the camp, was inexplicably allowed to keep his cameras and photograph. Books on Books #11: Ballet by Alexey Brodovitch, first published in 1945 brings us what may be the greatest photographic work ever published on dance. Books on Books #12: 60 Fotos by legendary Bauhaus professor and artist László Moholy-Nagy. Originally published in 1930, 60 Fotos formed the groundwork for the "New Vision" movement of modern photography. Each title in the Books on Books series includes exciting new essays from leading critics and historians. Copies arriving soon, now available for preorder.

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Yann Gross
Kitintale - SIGNED
Sandra S. Phillips
Pierre Le Hors
Firework Studies
Kevin Landers
Paul Graham
Books on Books #9: Beyond Caring
Zdenek Tmej
Books on Books #10: Alphabet of Spiritual Emptiness
Alexey Brodovitch
Books on Books #11: Ballet
Laszlo Moholy-Nagy
Books on Books #12: 60 Fotos
Lee Friedlander
Recent Western Landscape 2008–09
Steven Klein
Stag Film
Michael Wolf
Monika Merva
The City of Children - SIGNED

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