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New Landscapes Just arrived at our warehouse, copies of New Landscapes, photographer Michael Reisch's second monograph with German publisher Hatje Cantz. Reisch's photographs present haunting, anonymous, though often distinctly northern landscapes, which though "based on existing places" are digitally processed. Because of this approach and ambiguous disclosure, we are left in that seductive limbo between that which is clearly real and that which is clearly fabricated. Though the unsettling effect that comes from the tension between digital manipulation and the natural world is most potent when representing human beings (see: The Polar Express), Reisch achieves a similar disquiet in his landscapes. Indeed, looking down into the lowlands of Reisch's semi-fictive glacial mountain ranges, it's easy to feel as though you are staring into the Uncanny Valley itself. Copies of this beautiful monograph are in stock and available for order.

Re-Enactors Also now in stock, copies of Re-Enactors by photographer Jim Naughten, published by HotShoe in the UK. Every year, thousands of people from all over the world flock to Kent in England to take on the personas of historical figures and recreate events from the Second World War, creating a labor intensive virtual reality characterized by an attention to detail which exceeds most major motion pictures. British photographer Jim Naughten's portraits of the participants are stunning, formal studies of people who, for a short time, insert themselves violently into history. This meticulous evocation of the past is itself deeply reliant on photography, the tangible sensibilities of dress, posture and carriage are made possible by those photographs from the war years which are such iconic documents of the 20th century. Though Naughten's portraits are in many ways aligned with this temporal shift — chromatically and tonally reminiscent of even earlier periods at times — they still feel contemporary; rather than documents which have emerged from the past, it seems as though their subjects have fallen out of time and landed in the present. Copies of this stunning monograph are now in stock and available for order.

photo-eye is pleased to announce the availability of signed books by Lauren Greenfield, Mike Mandel and Chantal Zakari, all freshly signed at their lectures this week in Santa Fe. Copies of all Lauren Greenfield’s monographs are available signed, and her new DVD Kids + Money can now be purchased through our bookstore. Signed copies of Mike Mandel and Chantal Zakari’s newest publication The State of Ata are also available. photo-eye recently published an interview with Mandel and Zakari about The State of Ata, read the full interview on the photo-eye Blog.

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Michael Reisch
New Landscapes
Jim Naughten
Juergen Teller
Calves & Thighs
Lauren Greenfield
kids + money DVD
Morten Andersen
David Balsells
Praha, Paris, Barcelona
LÁszlÓ Moholy-Nagy
The Art of Light
Daido Moriyama
Record No. 12 / Kiroku No. 12
Mike & Chantal Zakari Mandel
The State of Ata - SIGNED by Mike Mandel & Chantal Zakari
Lauren Greenfield
Fast Forward - SIGNED
Lauren Greenfield
Girl Culture - SIGNED
Lauren Greenfield
Thin - SIGNED and DVD

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