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Queen Ann* Roger Fenton Arriving soon, signed copies of Queen Ann. P.S. Belly Cut Off the latest book from the Dutch interdisciplinary artist Mariken Wessels. As with her last publication, Elisabeth | I want to eat, Wessels presents an ambiguous narrative, carefully constructed from a body of found material. In this case, we are presented with the life story and bizarre collages of Queen Ann, a middle-aged woman apparently obsessed with her weight and longing for her lost youth. The material is varied, ranging from snapshots, school portraits, collage and what appear to be film stills, while the extent of Wessels own alterations are left unclear. The result is a stunning, exquisitely told and richly nuanced narrative, balanced by just enough unresolved space for the viewer to play. Copies arriving soon, now available for preorder.

One Step Big Shot, published by Nazraeli Press, features the Polaroid portraits of renowned movie director Gus Van Sant. Van Sant’s instant film photographs, taken from hundreds of Polaroids from various film castings, offers a thought provoking body of work. Not only are these images a beautiful portrayal of the potential of instant film, they also offer an insight into the expressive gesture of the aspiring actors Van Sant photographs. Copies arriving soon, now available for preorder.

Also of note, Chris Verene’s new monograph Family, published by Twin Palms Press, investigates the personal lives of the photographer’s family and friends. 25 years in the making, these beautiful photographs offer a glimpse into the realities of the human condition, showcasing both the difficulties and the personal bonds that surviving as a family unit can present. Verene combines his own writing alongside his photographs, allowing the photographer to have an intimate presence along with each image. Copies Now Available.

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Chris Verene
Eugene Richards
War Is Personal
John Gossage
The Thirty-Two Inch Ruler / Map Of Babylon - SIGNED
Gus Van Sant
One Step Big Shot
Mariken Wessels
Queen Ann. P.S. Belly Cut Off - SIGNED
Coley Brown & Christiano Guerri
Cabin and Woods
Marian Kusik
Bela Doka
The Sundays of Life - SIGNED
Debby Huysmans
Sibir - SIGNED
Arthur Tress
Skate Park - SIGNED
Daniel Koning

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